Sistemi Quemme Srl has been in the Industrial Automation and the Electrical Energy Distribution market since 1974. We provide planning, production, installation and after‐sale services of many types of low voltage electrical cases and on‐board connection systems.



Was the year in which the handicraft business was set up. It was located in Turate, in a 40 sq m near by Founder’s home and current General Manager, whose name is Raffaele Moneta. He started the production with an electrical case for the automation of plastic material injection.


A few years passed by and the need to grow up adding the construction of electrical panels with a supply of circuit diagrams and the test documentation justified the production unit relocation in Saronno. In the new 200 sq m laboratory was possible to employ the first collaborator and company’s name was changed into Quemme Snc.


During the 80s important agreements of certified “AS” systems were stipulated with important firms belonging to the electrotechnical sector, like Moeller Electric, Siemens, Bticino, Siei Peterlongo and SCS.


The new 1.000 sq m was inaugurated, fitted with a 5 T travelling bridge‐crane, in the in Turate’s industrial area. Competences grew with the production of cases and on‐board systems for the making of wood, glass, plates, for the food sector and the softening one.


Thanks to the Collaborators’ skills, to the spaces offered by the new structure and to the strong constructive integration with Clients and Suppliers, in 1996 Quemme started the Quality route through a “continuous improvement” process.


Quemme began analysing thoroughly the regulations related to the “protection and manoeuvring equipment” (EN 60 439|1) and to “Machines’ electrical equipment” (EN 60 204|1) preparing production operating instructions.

It had been an important year because productive reorganization got implemented through a system of interdependent departments and through standardization of materials in order to obtain greater competitiveness and efficiency. All that allowed Quemme to start new businesses in different Markets obtaining always innovative and effective partnerships.
In 1998, we were set up as Sistemi Quemme Srl.


The logical consequence of the route taken was the attainment of the ISO 9001:2000 certification.


The shed was enlarged with a new automated warehouse and new offices. Total surface covered reached 1.800 sq m, allowing an increase of the production capacity and the diversification on the basis of the new Clients’ requirements.


The constantly growing integration in the Clients’ processes allowed us to coordinate purchase strategies in order to make them extremely competitive. Therefore, logistic were improved with the opening of a new 800 sq m local unit.


All the processes and communications were completely computerized. It is possible to verify the progress report of orders.


Service transparency with the introduction of new online customer services. Thanks to the card‐zero project, each of our customers can view, in addition to the state of progress, also the recovery of past jobs; reducing time, distances and paper consumption. An innovative service for customers while respecting environment.


New expansion of production area with the acquisition of a new shed, near the current site, equipped with 2 bridge cranes ( 50 quintals ) and with copper processing equipment . The total area reaches now 2500 square meters.